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2007 Exhibitions

By Pen and Ink- Jiří Jun 

Unipetrol ČEZ, as ČESKÝ TELECOM, a.s. MERO ČR, a. s. Exportní garanční a pojišťovací společnost, a.s. Eurotel Praha, spol. s.r.o.The title of this exhibition, (not pretending to be neither literary, symbolic, nor poetic), was chosen by the author. It strictly defines Ji?í Jun’s simple techno-material means of expression. Notwithstanding, this expressive manifestation through the pen, depositing traces of Indian ink onto a paper background, encompasses a wide field of the author’s creativity during both his life gone by, and in his life today. For more than forty years, Ji?í Jun’s creative work has been dominated by pen and ink.
Text: Božena Vachudová

March 15th - April 15th, 2007 in the small exhibition room, Museum Kampa

The Light Exercises Series - Bernardí Roig

Bernardí Roig
This exhibition presented several works by this famous Spanish artist. The show was comprised of sculptural and video installions.The exhibition was organized by SEACEX (State Corporartion for Spanish Cultural Action Abroad)

Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
Govern de les Illes Balears
Embajada de Espana en Praga

January 16th - March 4th 2007, Museum Kampa , the Stables

Walking on the Vltava - Julian Opie

This exhibition featured several digital art works by this British artist.

April 26 - June 24, 2007, ground floor of the main building

ČEZ, a.s. ČESKÝ TELECOM, a.s. MERO ČR, a. s. Exportní garanční a pojišťovací společnost, a.s. Eurotel Praha, spol. s.r.o. Magazín Prague Leaders Pražská paroplavební společnost a. s. Agentura Easy Prague

Photographs from the 1960's - Eva Fuková

Eva Fuková Museum Kampa is holding an exhibition of photographs by Eva Fuková for her eightieth birthday, which falls on May 5th. It deals with an intimate glance back by the photographer who is educated in the visual arts.

The exhibition has been extended until September 2, 2007.

František Kupka - Piet Mondrian

This joint exhibition of art works by these two great artists, allows one to create or complete one’s idea on the evolution of abstract art. The Gemeentemuseum in Haag, the Krefeld Museum and the Thyssen – Bornemisza Museum loaned Museum Kampa several of Mondrian’s works for this exhibition. The exhibition was held in the Schultz Wing of Sova’s Mills.

Image: Tableau No. VII, with Blue, Yellow, Black and Red, 1925 Oil on canvas, 48,5 x 43,5 cm Kunstmuseen Krefeld ©2007 Mondrian/Holtzman Trust, c/o HCR International, VA.

Unipetrol ČEZ, as ČESKÝ TELECOM, a.s. MERO ČR, a. s. Exportní garanční a pojišťovací společnost, a.s. Eurotel Praha, spol. s.r.o.May 17 - July 29, 2007

Andy Warhol - Disaster relics: Selected prints

Museum Kampa - the Jan and Meda Mládek Foundation prepared in cooperation with the Andy Warhol museum in Pittsburgh an exhibition with the title "Disaster Relics", which presented prints by Warhol dealing with the theme of catastrophes. Many of these works belong to a series which was created at the beginning of the nineteen sixties; they reflect Warhol's fascination with death as well as his obsession with "fifteen minutes of fame". Some of these works document the life of the famous, for example a portrait of Jackie Kennedy shortly before and after the assassination of Kennedy. The rest, chronicling the lives of ordinary people, for example prints inspired by racial unrest in Alabama or by car and airplane accidents.

Unipetrol ČEZ, as ČESKÝ TELECOM, a.s. MERO ČR, a. s. Exportní garanční a pojišťovací společnost, a.s. Eurotel Praha, spol. s.r.o.July 19 - October 21, 2007 Museum Kampa - Ground Floor

Wet Drawings  - Daisy Mrázková

Daisy Mrázek belongs amongst the interesting members and personalities of the famous artistic group UB 12 and also to the entire upcoming generation of the late nineteen fifties. Up until now, her free creation has never been fully appreciated, but naturally her works developed since the end of the nineteen fifties. She encroaches into the area of painting, in which in her abstract compositions she overlaps and again washes off several layers, before she arrives at the final solution. An important part of the artist is her drawings, which she always develops in broad collections, in which are applied certain experimental methods of the author. Sometimes she uses pen and ink drawing, in which they stem from an automatic movement of the hand. This time a noteworthy collection of drawings generated by dissolvable pastels is being presented. She uses the entire set of pastels, and draws into wet paper with them. She calls her method “wet drawing”. The exhibition deals with a series of small studies, which is separated into several smaller cycles. In these cycles it is possible to trace, what can be reached in a systematic search for the chosen method.

December 5, 2007 - February 24, 2008 - Museum Kampa, the small exhibition room

3x - Theodor Pištěk

Characteristic for Theodor Pišt?k in his works is that he encroaches into various areas and exceeds their borders. He occupies himself with painting, drawings, assemblages and installations. Also he excelled in artistic cooperation with a series of first rate film makers (Forman, Vlá?il), for whom he created famous and valuable back drops and costume designs known around the world. His inspiration is considerably diverse. He is fascinated by the rhythm of today’s life; he is interested in the rapid change of society, connected with the use of inexhaustible amount of technical discoveries.
He devotes himself to painting, and he is a costume and back drop designer. In precisely this area he reached exceptional international acknowledgement, and he cooperated with important film and theatrical directors (Miloš Forman, František Vlá?il and Ji?í Krej?ík). From the American Film Academy he received an Oscar in 1987 and in 1990 César award from the French Academy. Besides all of this he became a successful race car driver, this environment distinctively influenced his painting, in which motifs from the world of cars frequently appear.

Part 1 - Hyper-realism: October 23 – November 5, 2007
Part 2 - Spatial Geometrics: November 9 – November 25, 2007
Part 3 - Installations: November 29 – January 21, 2008 Termíny výstav:

October 23, 2007 - January 27, 2008 - Museum Kampa, the Stables Building

Point-Line-Universe - Frank Malina

From November 8, 2007 until January 7, 2008 as part of the third international festival ENTER, Malina’s kinetic works are after more than twenty years exhibited collectively in Prague’s Museum Kampa. Malina’s use of advanced techniques of his time, amongst them is “kinetic painting” or “Lumidyne system should not overshadow the beauty and sensuality of these kinetic light, mainly abstract compositions, which entice the viewer with its sensuous fluctuations of colours and shapes. This Czech-American Frank Joseph Malina (1912-1981) is recorded in history as one of the pioneers of two diametrically distinct, but notwithstanding mutually permeating and linked worlds: the world of science and the world of art. His prodigious inventiveness in the filed of aeronautics, including the invention of the first American sounding rocket or the founding of an organization for the creation of research stations on the moon with a human crew, diversified art through new discoveries in the field of “science for oneself”.
This exhibition was prepared by curator Vit Havránek in cooperation with Museum Kampa and CIANT – the International Centre for Art and New Technologies.

Unipetrol ČEZ, as ČESKÝ TELECOM, a.s. MERO ČR, a. s. Exportní garanční a pojišťovací společnost, a.s. Eurotel Praha, spol. s.r.o.November 8, 2007 - January 7, 2008 - Museum Kampa, Ground Floor of the Main Building

Little Squares - Jiří Mrázek

Jiří Mrázek is an outstanding personality of the group UB 12 and in the Czech art scene of the second half of the last century. He has organized a series of solo exhibitions at home and abroad and is represented in many important public and private collections. He has behind him an extensive body of work, which he has been developing and expanding since the beginning of the nineteen forties. This exhibition is presenting works from the last few years, when he matures to extreme abstraction which is developed from various organized squared grids. Into these grids he introduces colours. One should never border next to each other the same tones; maximally they can touch each other at the corners of the squares. He always works according to a specific regularity, which to a great extent determines the final version of the painting.

October 11 - December 2, 2007 in the small exhibtion room

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