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2008 Exhibitions

Adéla Matasová: Talk to me

Adéla Matasová has behind her a long and complicated artistic evolution. She has always been open to new artistic methods. In the nineteen sixties she was intrigued by imaginative drawings of the subjective countryside.

She quickly concentrated her attention on reliefs, in which she combined various techniques, especially synthetic resins and clumps of paper. Within these objects specific processes, movement and discontinuance were projected. In the nineteen nineties she began to work with metal and mirrored surfaces. She used artificial and natural lighting in her projects, also the reflection of the sun, panoramas of the countryside and sound. This sound sometimes emerged due to wind flowing through some of the installations. In the last few years she matured to kinetic objects, in which the movement is pre-programmed – for example points of light. Ever more often she is experimenting with more and more complicated computer programs, which drive the movement of the objects.

The exhibition “Talk to me”, which the artist prepared for the former stables exhibition hall in Museum Kampa, is comprised of older and newer works, some of which have not be exhibited. Adéla Matasová is also inspired by modern day technology, for example monumental photo montages, in which she works with futuristic ecologically tuned visualizations. Sometimes her objects are interactive; they react to the presence or to the movement of the viewer. This exhibition in Museum Kampa will feature kinetic objects using light, a series of photographs and interactive objects created in the last few years. 

September 4 - September 30, 2008

Kafka - Borges - Jack Vanarsky 

This is an installation, in which the relationship between two separate but none the less close worlds of thoughts and philosophical methods is established. It represents the study of a writer along with portraits of Franz Kafka and Jorge Luise Borgese. The Jack Vanarsky exhibition is being organized with the support of CULTURESFRANCE - Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs (avec le soutien de CULTURESFRANCE-Ministère des Affaires étrangères et éuropéennes)

The Museum and organizers also wish to thank Mr. Daniel Biguine, thanks to whom the transport and insurace of Mr. Jack Vanarsky's works was made posible.

This exhibition is being held in conjunction with the 1. Biennale Kafka/Borges - Praha/Buenos Aires international symposium, which is being held in various locations in Prague from April 22 to the 24. This symposium is being organized by the Franz Kafka Society and the Fundación Internacional Jorge Luis Borges.

Please visit their website for more

And to learn more about the Franz Kafka Society please visit their website

April 23 - May 1, 2008, Museum Kampa, Small gallery 

 Francie Kafka Vanarsky

Suibokuga & Shigarakiyaki - Ohgen Hamanaka a Kouichirou Tachibana

Akemi Yasuo along with Museum Kampa is presenting Japanese ink paintings, ”Suibokuga” and the Japanese “Shigarakiyaki” style pottery to the Czech audience at this exhibition of Ohgen Hamanaka’s and Koichiro Tachibana’s works here in Prague. The impression we feel from Ohgen Hamanaka’s ink paintings is very different from those of the past. They are somehow amiable with a touch of nostalgia and familiarity. Works of Ohgen Hamanaka, who has both gifts of being a painter and an architect, reflects his genuine perceptive eye of admiring of nature, which enables him to create an ink painting that is full of warmth, that comes from his personality. Through Ohgen Hamanaka’s works one might feel not only Hamanaka’s sensitivity to things, but also the joy of his very own eye observing the landscape. Tachibana’s works keep the warmth embodied in the soil. He is that very soil staying close to our everyday lives teaching us the mantra of living together. On first glance even an irregular dish or a jar becomes more familiar to us and through daily usage our attachment increases. We are proud of the uniqueness of that very one piece in this world. Recently he has been focusing on not only pottery making itself. He is also putting an enormous effort in education, guided by the motto, “Comforting the Heart through Soil,” and provides the healing atmosphere which is so important nowadays. If there would be more people who feel the warmth of the earth and soil, the scent and taste of the wind, if anybody who appreciates these great works would feel peace in his heart, then it has not been in vain. That would be a blessing.

May 6 – May 20, 2008 Museum Kampa, Small gallery

Paintings - Safet Zec

Safet Zec was born in Rogatice in the former Yugoslavia, and studied at the Fine Arts Academy in Belgrade. He travelled around Italy and was captivated by Venice where he settled and still lives. He devotes himself to mostly landscapes with traces of civilization; he also does renderings of figural motifs. His technically perfect drawings and oil paintings achieve an atmosphere in which the author connects to the Italian magical realism of the beginning of the 20th century. His works have within them a unique secret. A selection of his drawings and small paintings will be presented in Museum Kampa. 

April 4 - May 11, 2008 Museum Kampa, the Stables Building

My Path - Aija Zariņa

This exhibition presents several artworks by this Latvian artist, including a very interesting floor painting which covers the floor of the exhibition area.

"Her art began with classical Modernism – a synthesis of Cubism and Fauvism that in the first decade of her work could be seen as a schematically formed geometrified figurative drawing in the plane coupled with clean, bright and contrasting local colours. Her drawing is interesting with its double image and meaning and the coding of symbolic signs in the details of the figures. In the main these signs manifested female sexuality."
Elita Ansone, curator of the exhibition

February 7 - March 23, 2008 - Museum Kampa, the Stables Building

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