What do we mean with Education Programs and Workshops?

Museum Kampa's education programs combine interactive guided tours and artistic workshops and therefore mediate the artworks exhibited in the galleries in an interesting way as well as develop the creative skills of the participants.

We are convinced, that art - and especially modern and contemporary art - is raising many questions in the nowadays beholder. This art has distanced itself from the majority of people and became a field of a few "insiders". However, art is there to speak to the society as a whole, not only to the few.

Our education programs are designed to enlighten the sense of modern and contemporary art in a creative and enjoyable way. The participants of these programs should gain the feeling that an art museum visit does not necesarilly have to be a boring experience and that the artworks held in the museum's collections can indeed be interesting when well explained. Moreover, they can inspire the program participants to be creative themselves.

We hope that we will manage to create a dynamic and interactive relation between the art and the beholder and that the museum visit will become a memorable experience for you.

Who are the programs designed for?

School groups

Do you plan an excursion or would you like to spend your art class differently than at school? You can pick one of our education programs designed for school groups, accompanying both the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions.

Families with children

Would you like to spend a creative afternoon in Museum Kampa together with your children? Check out our education programs for families.

Firms and special interest groups

Unconventional team-building? Come to Museum Kampa to test the team-spirit of your company employees and create a collective artwork!

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