Programs for Families with Children

Beginning with 2008, not only adult art-lovers but also families with children can find a visit of Museum Kampa interesting. The Education Department is preparing a variety of programs for children visitors, from the smallect ones up to teenagers. What can families with children do in the museum?

They can attend the education programs which combine meeting the art and interactive guided tours on different topics with creative workshops, inspired by the artworks seen and topisc discussed.

Such a program can serve as a non-traditional Birthday party for your child or just a funny afternoon, when your child will both learn something new and develop is or her creative skills. 

Selection and ordering of a program

These programs can also be found under School programs.

For the little ones

Museum Kampa can offer a program called Once upon a time..., where the museum building will be transformed into an enchanted kingdom and the participants will have to find a princess with a help of her servants and guards, who were by an evil magician transformed into paintings and sculptures...

For older Children

Older children can, together with their parents, try how it feels to become František Kupka for a while, how to create a Structure, if glass can also be art or how to create an optical illusion. Besides that, they can attend a program accompanying our short-term exhibitions.

Practical Information

Each program lasts from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on your individual requests. A family with children can order a program from Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm for a special price CZK 150 which is added to the family admission to the museum (see Admission). 

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