Museum Kampa's Education Department

Museum Kampa offers its visitors interesting exhibitions as well as taking care of large art collections. At the same time, we now offer you a variety of complimentary programs such as lectures and seminars, guided tours, workshops and other programs.

Are you standing in front of a modern artwork, thinking that you don't understand it at all? Or do you just want to find our more about the art, than the small information bar tells you? The complimentary programs are here to present and enlighten the sense of modern art for a broad public.

Whether our visitor is a five year old child, a family, a school group or an adult, we hope that we can offer each one of you a program, which will try to convince you that art is not only about a passive contemplation of a painting hanging on a "neutral" white wall of a gallery.

Guided Tours

We offer a variety of guided tours accompanying both the permanent exposition and the temporary exhibitions. The tours are given by the curator or educator of Museum Kampa. We offer both guided tours based on your orders and free thematic tours in given times.

Education Programs and Workshops

These programs are designed especially for school groups, but also for families with children, firms and special interest groups. The programs combine interactive guided tours with artistic workshops and therefore offer a unique experience with the artworks displayed.

Lectures and Courses

We bring the art closer to the public also in the means of lecture series and seminars. Those are aimed on students of art and related fields, teachers and gallery or museum employees, as well they are offered to anyone from the broad public interested in art and contemporary culture in general.

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