Interactive programs answering to your individual requests

If none of our programs accompanying the permanet or short-term exhibitions suits you, you are welcome to tell us your special requests and we will design a new program responding to the particular wants and needs of your group. Our programs can enrich many school-taught subjects such as History, Social Sciences, Arts and Music classes, etc…

Interactive guided tours and hands-on activities through our collections of František Kupka, Otto Gutfreund and Central European Modern Art can lead your group to a better understanding of modernism in the Central and Eastern European cultural and geographical context. The workshops accompanying our programs provide interactive hands-on learning as well as a unique creative experience.  

Please order the "made-to-measure" programs at least one month in advance. We are looking forward to discussing all the necessities with you personally, via e-mail or telephone.

Let's do this!

Or will you still give a chance to our programs accompanying the permanent exhibition or short-term exhibitions?

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