Before you visit Museum Kampa...

If you would like to order a program for a concrete date, please do so at least one or two weeks in advance. You can call or write an e-mail to the Education Department. When ordering a program, please tell us which date and time you chose and which program you would like to attend. We would also like to know the name of your school, the number and age of your pupils and your contact information (preferably telephone or e-mail).

In order to adjust the program to your particular group, it is good to inform us about the level and major interests of the participants, the specialization of your school and also about possible special requests: e.g. presence of highly talented or, on the contrary, disabled children/students in the group, pressence of children with concentration problems etc.

We are happy to give you further information on our programs, so that we can choose such a program that will suit both your expectations and the requests of your group. Please do not hesitate to contact the Education Department during the museum's office hours for an advice.

During the programs it is necessary, that the participants respect some basic rules of behavior in a museum. This includes the understanding, that the regular visitors of the museum should not be disturbed from their visit and that the artworks exhibited in the galleries need to be approached with caution. This involves the prohibition of touching the artworks and in some exhibitions also the prohibition of taking photographs. We kindly ask the teachers to inform their students about these basic rules before they visit the museum. 

During the entire program, the teacher is responsible for his or her class.

We will be glad if you tell us your opinion on our programs after your visit. You can write it down in the guest-book or send it to us via e-mail.Through zour comments, you will help us to improve our programs and make them more responsive to your expectations.

Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you!

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