Museum Kampa - Exclusive Rental & Event Hosting Opportunities

Get to know this unique place which is in an impressive location on old Kampa with an unequalled view of Prague Castle, Charles’ Bridge and the waterfront. We offer the opportunity to rent suitably divided spaces in the museum.

Floors in the modern art wing, the courtyard, and the “stables” building can be used for organizing social events, such as receptions, banquets, wine hosts, social dinners,  auctions, company and firm presentations, fashion shows, weddings, conferences, musical events, press conferences, lectures, etc.

In addition the museum is equipped with an elevator for the handicapped and every floor is wheel chair accessible.

Space Available for Rental

Ground Floor

In the ground floor 2 rooms measuring in total 369m2, (146 m2 and 223 m2) are available. On this floor is usually on display our permanent exhibition of modern Central European art or on occasion a temporary exhibition. The larger of the two rooms has good acoustics and is suitable for reproduced or live music. In this room it is possible to open the doors to the courtyard, which measures 430 m2. In the courtyard are displayed sculptures by the artists, Marian Karel, Olbram Zoubek, Eva Kmentová, Miloslav Chlupáč and the “small stream” by Václav Cigler.

Also located in the courtyard is the free standing “stables” building measuring 173 m2.

Second Floor

2 rooms measuring in total 251 m2 (175.3 and 75.7 m2) plus the terrace with an area of 220 m2, are available on the second floor. From the terrace one has a beautiful view of the Vltava and its waterfront, Charles’ Bridge and of the Sovovy mlýny (Sova’s Mills) building itself. In these two rooms modern and contemporary Czech and Central Eastern European art are exhibited.

Third Floor

The third floor is comprised of 2 rooms measuring in total 233 m2 (157 m2 and 76 m2), in which both modern and contemporary Czech and Central European art are exhibited.

Contact Information

Should you be interested in organizing your event in Museum Kampa, please contact us at the following:

Tel.: 257 286 144 or 257 286 147



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