Current Program(s)


Ladislav Novák: We Doubted, Hated and Desperate (October 1 – December 5, 2010)

In the program accompanying the exhibition, you will get to know Ladislav Novák’s innovative techniques, which emerged from the principles of Collage such as Alchemage and Froissage. Through the use of these methods the author destroyed texts and pictures of that time. The tour does not only end at a theoretical interpretation but visitors will be able to transform and destroy the original meaning of current texts pictures and even musical scores just as Ladislav Novák.

History of Programs


Intimity in French photography (9.11.08 - 20.1.09)

Are you interested in contemporary photography? Are you open to thinking about our own intimacy in terms of artistic creation? We offer you an interactive guided tour accompanied with artistic workshop, dealing with the exhibition INTIM/ACY in contemporary French photography.


Cracking Art Group: Re-evolution (26.6. - 12.10.08)

The educational program accompanying this colorful, controversial exhibition raised the question of the boundaries of art and traditions. Is a plastic banana coming out of the head of a pink replica of renaissance Leonardo still art? How does a huge red poodle go together with the history of Sova’s Mills? Why do yellow penguins observe the modern art exposition in Museum Kampa?

Paradise Lost (Roma Art, 27.5. - 6.7.08)

The program accompanying this unique exhibition, which was shown at the 2007 Venice Biennale and in Museum Kampa was enriched by Czech and Slovakian artists, which weren’t at the show in Venice, show ed the participants that the Roma culture does not only mean music and dance. An interactive guided tour through the Paradise Lost and Chad Wyatt exhibitions resulted in an artistic workshop, where the participants were able to creatively reflect on what they have experienced.

Safet Zec: Paintings (4.4. - 11.5.08)

A guided tour though the exhibition brought the participants closer to the atmosphere and stories hidden in the mysterious oil paintings by Safet Zec. The tour was accompanied by an artistic workshop inspired by the art of this Slavonic artist, who fell in love with the Italian city of Venice. The participants of this program created a group artwork of a large house, where each individual was represented by an original window.

Aija Zarina: My Path (7.2. - 23.3.08)

The Latvian artist Aija Zarina prepared a made-to-measure installation for our exhibition hall. The paintings hung on the wall merged into a painting on the floor of the exhibition room. A colourful world was made, full of mysterious characters and stories, which took us far away from the noise of the city. The participants of this program had a possibility to extend the stories that Aija drew all over the exhibition space. They used colorful papers, crayons and markers in order to enlarge and personalize this wonderful world of thoughts.

Daisy Mrázková: Wet Drawing (5.12.07 - 24.2.08)

Within her sensitive art, Daisy Mrázková returns to the crayon, which is in “high” art often underestimated. She lets the crayons dissolve on wet paper, giving birth to gentle abstract forms. Both students and adults will be able to try this artistic technique as well as find out more about the art and life of this dreamlike artist.

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