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Suitable for: secondary school


The Kampa Museum is an ideal place for students to get to know Post-War art. The works of art in the Central European art collection represent a reaction to the historical events after 1948. Students will be introduced not only to different techniques and various Czech art movements – Czech grotesque, Informel, Minimalism, New Figuration, Action Art or Land Art, but also to the historical background of the Communist regime. The art of important Czech artists such as Hugo Demartini, Dalibor Chatrný, Milan Grygar, Magdalena Jetelová, Karel Malich, Stanislav Kolíbal, Eva Kmentová, Adriena Šimotová and Alena Kučerová will be presented.

The seminar begins with a cultural-historical introduction to gain better understanding of the art movements mentioned above and then it continues with a guided tour of the permanent collection, where we will be looking closely at Czech paintings and sculptures. The day will be rounded up with a workshop and a final discussion.

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