Collection for the renowned theoretician Jindřich Chalupecký

This collection was initiated in late 1989, whereupon it was put on display at the National Gallery in Prague, under the title Homage to Jindřich Chalupecký. The show's exhibits were originally intended for sale, the proceeds from which were to be used for the purchase of a dialyser needed for the seriously ill art historian who had contributed such phenomenal merit in the development of post-World War II Czech art.

The exhibition was a short-term undertaking, running from January 16 through 28, 1990, and due to the urgency of the project was accompanied only by a hastily prepared printout. It was officially organized by the National Gallery in conjunction with the Czech Committee of International PEN Club.

Meda Mládek and Jiří Šetlík were the most active moving spirits that propelled the fund-raising campaign for which works were contributed by members of different generations of artists. It was eventually decided that two-thirds of the machine´s cost would be paid by the Charter 77 Foundation, and the remaining third would be provided from Meda Mládek 's private funds. At the same time, it was also agreed to preserve the collection as a comprehensive whole, which would as such be incorporated into the core collection of the Museum of Contemporary Central and Eastern European Art, built over the past decades by Jan and Meda Mládek in Washington, D.C.

In what proved the final development, the Czechoslovakian branch of the Swedish firm Gambro offered to give the machine free-of-charge, provided it would be handed over officially to the Czechoslovakian health-care system as a whole.

After the exhibition's closure, the collection was moved to Prague Castle. It contains works by Václav Cígler, Václav Boštík, Aleš Veselý, Karel Malich, Jiří Anderle, Bedřich Dlouhy, Hugo Demartini, Daisy Mrázková, Jiří Načeradsky, Adriena Šimotová, Zdeněk Sýkora, Eva Kmentová, Olbram Zoubek, Karel Nepraš, Pavel Nešleha, Kurt Gebauer, Petr Pavlík, Václav Stratil, and many other prominent artists. At present, part of the collection is displayed in various offices and staterooms of the Prague Castle compound. At the end of 2001, some of the items were handed over to the Jan and Meda Mládek Foundation; the rest was relocated to Museum Kampa in 2003.

Further collections in the care of Museum Kampa

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